The son of truck driver, Jason grew up in the rural outskirts of Detroit.  He was heavily  influenced by his mother's side of the family, which was entrenched in blues and country music. At the age of six, Jason was given his first albums: The Beatles Abbey Road and Magical Mystery Tour. It was the start of his passion for music. At that point, it became Jason's mission to search out, and take in as much music as he could. He would sit in his room for hours and listen to records by great artists such as The Beach Boys and Elton John . Jason was hooked, and all he wanted to do was create music like he was hearing.
   At the age of eight, Jason was given his first acoustic guitar as a birthday gift. A guitar that he still owns today. As he learned basic folk as a foundation, his musical appitite was growing. He was finding himself drawn towards world music, jazz, and classical music. While other kids were dreaming about sports and fantasy, Jason was dreaming of the day that he would be making music.
   After a few years, in a school music appreciation class, Jason was taught Areosmith's "Dream On", and the chase for an electric guitar was on! He saved his pennies with the goal of throwing them down on the counter, and walking out with a dream. Eventually, the time came, and Jason bought what would be his first electric guitar. It was just a matter of time before the dream came true... and the dream grew. With the new guitar, came more lessons, and with more lessons, came more genres; which now included complex rock, blues and country. Jason formed bands with friends and played "the basement circuit", but dreamed of bigger things.
    As he learned and crafted his technique on the guitar, Jason was working at becoming a singer, but It wasn't something he was doing in the public eye. Even though he was outgoing and loved to entertain, he was shy about his singing and suffered from anxiety when standing in front of crowds. Something that would take Jason years to get used to, and deal with. He kept working...
After high school, Jason focused his energies on singing. It was a talent that seemed to come natural and he was finally feeling comfortable with it. He set out to combine the two talents, playing gutar and singing, which presented its own challenges.
With this growth came a change in the musical landscape. New bands, attitudes and styles started to take shape. Jason added these styles to his playing, which he enjoyed, as he had a wide range of influences to draw from. He loved to learn new ways to perform.
Jason was asked to join an already well established Detroit band, SHESOHUGE as a guitar player. The band had been extremely successful regionally, and was on its way to becoming a national act. The band set off to tour in support of the CD "There's That". The tour would take them to the west coast and points in between. It was then that he would get the feel for life on the road and the ups and downs that accompany it.
After the tour, Jason and the band settled in to write their next album. SHESOHUGE entered "The Loft" studios outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, which had previously recorded the wildly successful Sponge albums. Unfortunately, SHESOHUGE called it quits before the album was released with the members remaining friends.
Disillusioned, Jason decided it was time to focus his musical energy on solo work. It was also at that time that Jason wanted to take time to spend with his family and take a more passive role musically. And time passed...
Now Jason is back on "the scene" , writing, recording, and performing. He has recorded an EP, Fool's Gold and is back in the studio working on songs that will be a part of a full length national release on Laredo Records. Jason has always had a love and passion for all styles of music, from bossa nova, to country western swing of the 1950's, metal and new wave of the 1980's. All of these influences and many more, including the everyday stories of life, are finding their way into a musical style that is broad, unique, all his own. 
Stay tuned and let's see where the story leads us to next!